Dear my beloved future fans & anti-fans,

Here I present you Miss. Jing Zhang. #crazychinese#trytogrowupbutneverwill#muyverde

This is my first blog ever.#%$^&^*$

Okk, after the first sentence, this is getting awkward. and i am starting to feel slightly embarrassed…

It’s ok Jingi, you can do it….! or….at least try to be funny, so somebody can still have a good laugh when they looking at your first-born baby blog.

And in case you want to know, this website is for keeping track of my crazy unreasonable psychological mind during this year project.

And maybe some story about how i try not to poison or kill myself with the crazy stupid thing i usually do,  which i wish you know how hard it is for someone super green& childish like me.


Jing Zhang


12 Comments on “A green blogger”

  1. I feel so cool when i opened the link.Though understanding English words will kill a lot of brain cells, i have read all the article. Look forward the birth of next one.–by your little fan mirry

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