Only after we’ve walked through the path,

We can obsess the ability to look back…

–by the occasionally wise Miss.JinG

Idea or Direction of the whole year project

1min pitch

When people think about china, or chinese  companies they think about copies , materials ,in general themade in china (production industry).  low profit and no  creation.

So when the labor and the material are getting too expensive , they want transformation  and often the only advice they get is to own or buy some companies that have the original stuff.

So china bought Volvo cars, Uber , IbmPC.

But many small companies, who just started from nothing ,can’t afford to buy any of these . So  they are dying for a professional advice on transformation of their own system or maybe they don’t even have any system yet.

What if there is someone who can do innovation of their own original way of managing the products,  not to buy or sell a whole company.

What if there is someone who can help the small companies to build a new system supervising the whole process of their they can survive.

I want to be that someone.

I want to be that person , who not only solve one problem or one product but to find the problem in the whole process and make the company be able to solve their problems in the future.through the system I designed for them. Design the system for them be able to solve the problems in the future by themselves.

–Points :

Consulting agency

Specialized but regular basis

Find problems solve old problems and  think about the possibilities of new problems and solve in advance

Not like an old management consult agency just make money don’t know anything about design or creation the products

Or just bringing connections to a same website or network and don’t care if the people got any help at all

What I wanna do is to bring innovation or creation to a company help them find their own way and new way to another business life.

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