It all started with the day one week before..

After the first pitch day, school officially starts. But After two weeks of going everyday the latenight four-hour class, I already extremely exhausted, and really lost with the crazy amount of information I receive. 

So one week before, after spending 4 hours just thought about what’s the identity of myself and all these long sectors of how you plan to organize your project and for your one-year course and blablabla…. my head just exploded at least for that night…

And now, When I look back to the time, which I was allowed to spend on that class to actually think by myself and think for myself, I fell much more grateful than before. And moreover, I got to know other people’s thoughts at the same time. So no wonder I came out of class feeling almost exploded inside with all the things mixed together.

But unfortunately although i understand now the feeling I had with this mixture of thoughts never changed, and it felt as if I got stuck in misty frog which I could never get out. I was totally lost, in this confusion.

So I went back home, ask myself, why I came here?   why I choose this exotic foreign place instead some place I am familiar with?   Why the hell did I choose to come here 6 month even before the master starts,  so that I can struggle my life with a language I never knew before and basically all things much harder to understand?

So now that one & only, simple easy question is —

Why I am here?

Somebody please answer me…

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