So now why am I here? Like my version of the classic “to be or not to be ?” The answer is always there but just hard for me to speak it out cause maybe it’s just not the big dream thing which was expected.

Ok , I confess I normally don’t have this wisely talk while talking to myself. And the very true fact was that I just started asking this question when I was drunk, homesick or trying to figure out what I should say in class. 

But after the pitch, still keep being ask the same thing by almost every professor in class, and I noticed almost every time I gave a slightly different answer.

So at the very beginning, my answer for this question was that I wanted to help create a new generation of companies in china and build up my own at the same time. 

And then it went to like to have a consulting agency so that I can have my own stuff same time helping others.   

And after that the answer kept changing, ok first I just want to be a consultant in certain area so that I can get full knowledge or more likely be an expert, supervising the whole process.

But now I realize that maybe why I came here is that I just want to know different ways of thinking and doing things which can make me more considerate about the all different unexpected situations, just to empower myself to handle things that come to my hand in a better way.

Yes I know, to be an entrepreneur I have to always try to dream big , but for me dream big doesn’t mean to lift my feet from the ground and talk about some big thing I don’t have the ability to realize. For me I see the future depending on the capacity of now.

Yes the fact is that I am just simple Chinese girl with just simply too much courage to come here alone without knowing anything.

But I will try to learn something to handle whatever I have to face and keep this spontaneous bold spirit inside me alive.

8 Comments on “Me, Self, &Confession”

  1. Just Train yourself to handle everything in a way as simple as possible since you never know the situation you will face in the future. Divide your dream into pieces and review the steps you made every day. You will see the dream not so far away.

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  2. 天欲降大任于是人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其行为,所以动心忍性,增益其所不能。


  3. 没有十分寒彻骨,哪有梅花香自来。去,是怀着憧憬和希望,乐观向上是你的品格,把所有困难踩在脚下是勇气。学是理想照进现实的根基。


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