Now here it comes :  I finally decided to change my idea. But why?

So first I asked some friends about the first thoughts I had.  I guess that’s why I love and trust them so much, cause they didn’t just give the answer I wanted to hear. Instead, they told what they really think which most times are the reality I need to face.

And then one time, when I was talking with my parents about my life here, course, project, idea, and mostly my struggle, and just suddenly they told me they will always be there and support me. Well I guess I’ve always knew that but hearing it just different.

And after that my dad tried to tell me something, but he didn’t just  jump directly to the conclusion or the big wise words, he spoke about his experience or what he saw and let myself do the thinking part.

I’ve always been grateful for the kind love and support I got from my family and these friends, and to have the chance of knowing them have been the greatest thing that ever happen to me.

So after I started to rethink about the other crazy ideas I had when I just started the course and what I can do with them considering where I am now and how far I can reach in this year physically and mentally, and at that point I thought the idea of doing a non-profit organization or program can be a better start for me to learn what I want or do something I never thought of for this year.

By trying to start or organize a non-profit program, I need to learn operating strategies, finance balance and communication. And by doing it in better concern of the participants inside the program, comes the part that how I can create or innovate the internal process alongside how to improvise in extreme situations so that participants can get what they want, they need, and have a better experience. And for your concerns, I am not afraid of failing doing it and as many times as fail I will get as many times as experience and different ways of how to do it right.

However, part from all these big motivations that all for the same goal, learning for doing what you want, what made me decide to finally change the idea into doing or more to say want to try to do something to satisfy my self-value, was because a time of skyping with one of my best friend back from China…

5 Comments on “Here… Starts… Change”

  1. Being open to change is one the best things that can happen to a project Jing,

    The more the project sees and goes through, the more you learn and the better the project grows.

    Now is time to talk about this idea with a lot of people: volunteers, universities, events, sponsors, other ngo´s, etc. and learn from all the feedback they can give you. Use your one-minute-pitch to show your project to everyone to everyone and get as much feedback and new ideas as you can, write them all!

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