Dear J,

You’ve written yourself  2 letters secretly. Have you fulfilled everything you promised yourself?

If so, try to keep doing it. &If not, please you can still start doing today, and you don’t need to feel so wasted and guilty. Everyday is a new day and you need to be the one here to always support yourself.

Don’t give up, keep going!!

Remember the good things you have, and you want. Try to keep them. Keep in your heart that everything happens for the best and the people you love and things that worth you fight for.

You can cry, feel strengthless, at sometimes, but At the end of the day, you have things you love and want to keep and you have to be strong. Strong enough, Stronger to protect them, Make your family, the people you love happy.

Remember what papa and mummy told you, they already proud of you, you’ll always have their support & Love.

Promise, Each day when you wake up, think about the things you can do and do it.

And before you sleep, write down what you did, and how you felt, make yourself happy and fulfill with power.

And keep reminding yourself:

I am a beautiful young lady, have a tender heart, kind ,strong inside and outside, good at doing many things and Always trying to be better.


Just for U

My Dear Crazy Soul


#Letter to Myself

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