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Dear Jing,

Its October 21st, and today you just decided to start write yourself  letters, in case you got lost in your way and forget the thing you’ve always love and cherish.

I know there has been some tough time for you Jing. But you cannot let it drag you down. Remember? What daddy always say to you? You were born in the year of Phoenix, you are meant to have all the freedom to go wherever and do whatever you love, but first you have to always keep going and raise up from the ashes.

And look at the amazing people you met, your relationships you have with them. You are already super lucky. And you know they always would like to see that fearless crazy Jing.

So keep going and cherish what you already have. And remember what Raphi told you, life starts where comfort zone ends.


Just for U

The same crazy soul.

#Letter to myself

Now here it comes :  I finally decided to change my idea. But why?

So first I asked some friends about the first thoughts I had.  I guess that’s why I love and trust them so much, cause they didn’t just give the answer I wanted to hear. Instead, they told what they really think which most times are the reality I need to face.

And then one time, when I was talking with my parents about my life here, course, project, idea, and mostly my struggle, and just suddenly they told me they will always be there and support me. Well I guess I’ve always knew that but hearing it just different.

And after that my dad tried to tell me something, but he didn’t just  jump directly to the conclusion or the big wise words, he spoke about his experience or what he saw and let myself do the thinking part.

I’ve always been grateful for the kind love and support I got from my family and these friends, and to have the chance of knowing them have been the greatest thing that ever happen to me.

So after I started to rethink about the other crazy ideas I had when I just started the course and what I can do with them considering where I am now and how far I can reach in this year physically and mentally, and at that point I thought the idea of doing a non-profit organization or program can be a better start for me to learn what I want or do something I never thought of for this year.

By trying to start or organize a non-profit program, I need to learn operating strategies, finance balance and communication. And by doing it in better concern of the participants inside the program, comes the part that how I can create or innovate the internal process alongside how to improvise in extreme situations so that participants can get what they want, they need, and have a better experience. And for your concerns, I am not afraid of failing doing it and as many times as fail I will get as many times as experience and different ways of how to do it right.

However, part from all these big motivations that all for the same goal, learning for doing what you want, what made me decide to finally change the idea into doing or more to say want to try to do something to satisfy my self-value, was because a time of skyping with one of my best friend back from China…

So now why am I here? Like my version of the classic “to be or not to be ?” The answer is always there but just hard for me to speak it out cause maybe it’s just not the big dream thing which was expected.

Ok , I confess I normally don’t have this wisely talk while talking to myself. And the very true fact was that I just started asking this question when I was drunk, homesick or trying to figure out what I should say in class. 

But after the pitch, still keep being ask the same thing by almost every professor in class, and I noticed almost every time I gave a slightly different answer.

So at the very beginning, my answer for this question was that I wanted to help create a new generation of companies in china and build up my own at the same time. 

And then it went to like to have a consulting agency so that I can have my own stuff same time helping others.   

And after that the answer kept changing, ok first I just want to be a consultant in certain area so that I can get full knowledge or more likely be an expert, supervising the whole process.

But now I realize that maybe why I came here is that I just want to know different ways of thinking and doing things which can make me more considerate about the all different unexpected situations, just to empower myself to handle things that come to my hand in a better way.

Yes I know, to be an entrepreneur I have to always try to dream big , but for me dream big doesn’t mean to lift my feet from the ground and talk about some big thing I don’t have the ability to realize. For me I see the future depending on the capacity of now.

Yes the fact is that I am just simple Chinese girl with just simply too much courage to come here alone without knowing anything.

But I will try to learn something to handle whatever I have to face and keep this spontaneous bold spirit inside me alive.

It all started with the day one week before..

After the first pitch day, school officially starts. But After two weeks of going everyday the latenight four-hour class, I already extremely exhausted, and really lost with the crazy amount of information I receive. 

So one week before, after spending 4 hours just thought about what’s the identity of myself and all these long sectors of how you plan to organize your project and for your one-year course and blablabla…. my head just exploded at least for that night…

And now, When I look back to the time, which I was allowed to spend on that class to actually think by myself and think for myself, I fell much more grateful than before. And moreover, I got to know other people’s thoughts at the same time. So no wonder I came out of class feeling almost exploded inside with all the things mixed together.

But unfortunately although i understand now the feeling I had with this mixture of thoughts never changed, and it felt as if I got stuck in misty frog which I could never get out. I was totally lost, in this confusion.

So I went back home, ask myself, why I came here?   why I choose this exotic foreign place instead some place I am familiar with?   Why the hell did I choose to come here 6 month even before the master starts,  so that I can struggle my life with a language I never knew before and basically all things much harder to understand?

So now that one & only, simple easy question is —

Why I am here?

Somebody please answer me…

Only after we’ve walked through the path,

We can obsess the ability to look back…

–by the occasionally wise Miss.JinG

Idea or Direction of the whole year project

1min pitch

When people think about china, or chinese  companies they think about copies , materials ,in general themade in china (production industry).  low profit and no  creation.

So when the labor and the material are getting too expensive , they want transformation  and often the only advice they get is to own or buy some companies that have the original stuff.

So china bought Volvo cars, Uber , IbmPC.

But many small companies, who just started from nothing ,can’t afford to buy any of these . So  they are dying for a professional advice on transformation of their own system or maybe they don’t even have any system yet.

What if there is someone who can do innovation of their own original way of managing the products,  not to buy or sell a whole company.

What if there is someone who can help the small companies to build a new system supervising the whole process of their they can survive.

I want to be that someone.

I want to be that person , who not only solve one problem or one product but to find the problem in the whole process and make the company be able to solve their problems in the future.through the system I designed for them. Design the system for them be able to solve the problems in the future by themselves.

–Points :

Consulting agency

Specialized but regular basis

Find problems solve old problems and  think about the possibilities of new problems and solve in advance

Not like an old management consult agency just make money don’t know anything about design or creation the products

Or just bringing connections to a same website or network and don’t care if the people got any help at all

What I wanna do is to bring innovation or creation to a company help them find their own way and new way to another business life.

Dear my beloved future fans & anti-fans,

Here I present you Miss. Jing Zhang. #crazychinese#trytogrowupbutneverwill#muyverde

This is my first blog ever.#%$^&^*$

Okk, after the first sentence, this is getting awkward. and i am starting to feel slightly embarrassed…

It’s ok Jingi, you can do it….! or….at least try to be funny, so somebody can still have a good laugh when they looking at your first-born baby blog.

And in case you want to know, this website is for keeping track of my crazy unreasonable psychological mind during this year project.

And maybe some story about how i try not to poison or kill myself with the crazy stupid thing i usually do,  which i wish you know how hard it is for someone super green& childish like me.


Jing Zhang