Dear Jing,

Its October 21st, and today you just decided to start write yourself  letters, in case you got lost in your way and forget the thing you’ve always love and cherish.

I know there has been some tough time for you Jing. But you cannot let it drag you down. Remember? What daddy always say to you? You were born in the year of Phoenix, you are meant to have all the freedom to go wherever and do whatever you love, but first you have to always keep going and raise up from the ashes.

And look at the amazing people you met, your relationships you have with them. You are already super lucky. And you know they always would like to see that fearless crazy Jing.

So keep going and cherish what you already have. And remember what Raphi told you, life starts where comfort zone ends.


Just for U

The same crazy soul.


                           #Letter to myself

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